1: Logo and members card for a society for Elsinore's local history. The logo suggests the historical symbiosis of the city, the harbour and Elsinore castle.

2: Logo for a oneman's boatbuilder firm.

3: Logo for "Society to Preservation of Males", an organisation that intents to protect the father's role in common society.

4: Screensaver for Danish e-learning firm
IMS Learning A/S, showing the firm's trademark toy.

5: Suggested logo for "Youropa", the Danish Youth Council's information project about EU.

6: Logo for "Jet-Z", planned online design firm.

7: Banner ad for a Danish bank and its support for the Danish ice hockey sport.


The Society 'Sundtoldens Venner' - translated 'Friends of the Sound Toll' 'Leo's Boatbuilder's Service' IMS Learning A/S Project 'Jet-Z' Danish bank 'Arbejdernes Landsbank' 'Foreningen til Mænds Bevarelse' (translated 'The Society to Preserve Males') DUF - Danish Youth Council